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Youth Life Theater



This program is for youth of ALL ages

The Goals of this program is to allow the youth to explore issues in their life through creating Improvised scenes as a group and discuss the choices that are made. The youth are then instructed to change the choices they made to something else and see what the results will be.

This teaches young people to understand the impact of their decision making and its impact on peers and others.

It encourages them to be willing to make other and better choices in life.

This can be an ongoing program ( or any length) or can also be a great One Time teaching tool when a day is dedicated to executing this program to students.

As an ongoing program it would include more training on the art of Improvisation and result in a Community Performance based on the issues explored in the classes.

Excellent in building teamwork skills and allowing the youth to vent their thoughts in a safe and nurturing environment.

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